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Lisa Lee

Born in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, Lisa Lee is a New York  based contemporary photographer, who has recently gained  commercial recognition for her colorful photographs, and praise for her powerful  images. Lisa did not come to her art through traditional means. Her lifes dream was to be a singer. After a few years of living in Los Angeles she moved back to New York where she recorded and performed for several years.  As a single parent she decided to focus on mothering so her singing career was short lived.  She then turned her camera onto her family and friends. Through those images she acquired on different neighborhood outings, private events, and family trips she was discovered by a close friend who encouraged her to pursue her love of photography. Lisa was thrust into the spot light in 2014 when her editorial work was featured two times in the Huffington Post Newspaper, in a series of articles written by DapperQ editor Anita Dolce Vita where the staff fell so in love with Lisa's work that four (4) JagandCo models were nominated for "100 Top Dapper's."  Her passion fevered even more as she participated in Rainbow Fashion Week 2014 as the main event photographer.  Lisa's work is highlighted and featured on their website.

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